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Title: A Tale of Run-On Sentences
Pairing: H/Hr, mentions of H/G and R/Hr
Rating: R
Summary: OMgz there is no summary!1

You can't help it.

It's just... insane. The rush you feel when you're with him. It makes you forget about the war, and Ron, and Harry's engagement to Ginny, and blast the whole bloody Weasley family--- since when did your life revolve around them?

Your lips meet his and you can't help how you feel. The rock on your finger--- all it does is bring you grief and pain because you should be with him, with Ron--- your boyfriend of four years, and fiancee of two years, your mind reminds you. But your heart tells you different--- you love Harry, you've loved him since that first train ride to Hogwarts, but you were too afraid to acknowledge it.

You've both dug yourselves into a hole. You both are supposed to belong to someone else, and yet--- your hearts race and your hands grope and your lips meet and it all feels so right, even if it's wrong and you're hurting the Weasleys---- but it's your turns to be selfish now! It's time to put you first instead of Ron and Ginny and the whole sodding wizarding world because what do they know anyway?

Harry's tongue dances with yours before he begins to take off your shirt--- you're not wearing a bra; it's quicker and less awkward this way. You moan as his mouth kisses your bare breast and works its way down to the waistband of your skirt. Hands tug at your skirt, pulling it down, and you reach behind him and pull down his pants before giving his arse a grope. He grins wickedly at you and conveys everything he is thinking with just a quick glance.

Are you sure?

You kiss him in response, and he thrusts into you. You cry out and he stops, making sure you're okay. You assure him that everything is fine--- you're fine, and his hips begin to move, and you soon join his movements. Soon he moans and is spent and collapses on top of you. You didn't come but that's okay because you're with him and you can smell his cologne and your hands are idly running through his messy hair and he has a sleepy grin on his face and says I love you, Hermione before nodding off. You cradle his sleeping form in your arms, thinking. You know this is right and you are prepared to accept the consequences and backlash because you are Hermione Granger and you are strong and will stand up for what you believe in and you believe in you and Harry. You smile to yourself as Harry mumbles your name in his sleep. Yes, this is definitely right.

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