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We don't care that your dog ships H/Hr.

Elite H/Hr
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This community is a place for us elitist h00rz whore are better than the rest of you fuckers.


Um, tehfudgie & hormoaning created this community in late 2005 because the harryhermione community was being swamped with idiots talking about how their teacher or parent or friend or dog or grandmother saw Goblet of Fire and now is a Harry/Hermione "shipper". We thought this was stupid and annoying, because, after all, didn't we ship Harry/Hermione because we saw it in the books? Movie-only fans are lame, and we do not approve.

Anyway, apply if you want, we'll probably let you in. If you do something stupid, you'll be banned because we are, afterall, an elitest commnunity. ;)